Submission by AIGETOA on K-Fon Joint Venture

Aigetoa Kerala made a submission with CGMT Kerala for re-intiating the process for regarding possibilities of exploring K-Fon joint venture. Our CS Sri. Saheer and ACS Sri. Prasadraj had discussions with management in this regard.

Click here for the letter submitted.

AIGETOA is not part of proposed Hunger Fast & LHD on 18.10.2019:

It is intimated to all our members that AIGETOA is not participant of the Hunger Fast and Lunch Hour Demonstration on 18.10.2019. We are not part of the said program due to divergent views on the various demands as detailed:


> AIGETOA supports BSNL Revival with 4G, Land Monetization, Soft Loan, VRS and 58.

> AIGETOA supports disbursement of salary in time.

> AIGETOA supports Implementation of 30% Superannuation Benefits (SAB).

> AIGETOA supports payment of Electricity Bills, House Rental, Labour payment, EMI payment of Banks, LIC Premium, Society contribution, GPF etc.


> AIGETOA supports VRS/58 where as other constituent of AUAB oppose it.

> AIGETOA differs on the Presence of Pension Revision & 3rd PRC in charter of demands at this critical financial crisis stage of BSNL.

> Missing of any positive moves by AUAB to get the implementation of 3% SAB enhancement (From existing 5% to 8%) as agreed by the then CMD BSNL.

So, due to these divergent views on some critical issues, AIGETOA is not part of the proposed Hunger Fast and Lunch Hour Demonstration on 18.10.2019 butextend moral supports for the common cause as detailed above. We are hopeful that the constituents of AUAB will try to understand our viewpoint also as the existence of BSNL is a matter of surviving for entire BR fraternity. So, we should be ready to accept some hard decisions also for betterment of our beloved organization and its future growth.

5th Circle Conference Cum AGM of Kerala Circle :

The 5th Circle Conference Cum Annual General Meet of AIGETOA Kerala chapter was held on 12th October 2019 at  Hotel Blue Nile, Kannur. The Conference was graced by the presence of various distinguished dignitaries from association side and Management side, along with participation of hundreds of BSNL executives from nook and corner of Circle. Literally Kannur became a small prototype of BSNL Kerala on 12th October 2019. The participants witnessed one of the best coordinated event by AIGETOA team with exemplary hospitality  and arrangements and planning.

From  AIGETOA CHQ side our beloved General Secretary Shri Wasi Ahmad and our beloved  All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with CHQ auditor Shri Senthil Kumar ( CHQ Observer ), Organizing Secretary-II Shri Dipu Chandran, CHQ Advisors Shri Ansal Mohammed C H, Shri Vipal Prem attended the conference.

The morning session started with AIGETOA Flag hoisting  by Circle President Shri Maxmilan K  and subsequent Opening remarks from  GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AIP Shri Ravi shil Verma, CHQ Auditor, CS, CFS, Org Sec-II etc.  Various awards  was delivered  to BA teams / Individual members  for best performance in different category by our GS & AIP.

Open Session was graced by the Presence of CGM(Incharge) & PGMT Trivandrum Shri S S Thampi  Sir,  GMT Kannur & GM( NWO-CFA), Circle Office Shri N K Sukumaran Sir, GMT Kozhikkode Smt. Sania Abdul Latheef  madam. DGMs  & AGMs from Kannur SSA also participated as our honoured guests.

Open Session was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Shri S S Thampi PGMT  in the presence of  guests of honour  Shri N K Sukumaran GMT, Smt. Sania Abdul Latheef GMT , Shri Ravishil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Senthil Kumar CHQ Auditor, Shri Maxmilan K CP, Shri Saheer S CS and Shri Ansal Mohammed CFS. The Theme of Open Session - Empowering BSNL in the new Telecom Era - Role of BSNL Recruits - Challenges and Responsibilities, was extensively deliberated by all dignitaries  and all stressed the vital role need to be played by BSNL recruits to move the company further on.  The guidance and supportive suggestions from senior management indeed made the session fruitful. The voice of BSNL recruits across country - our GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and the confidence of BSNL recruits - our AIP Shri Ravishil Verma  delivered mind blowing speeches, which boosted the audience mind with positivity. The dignitaries were felicitated by Team AIGETOA Kerala.

In the afternoon  session, various SSA reports / Circle Term Report & Finance reports were presented by the concerned office bearers. Further there was an interactive session headed by CHQ team & Circle team. The session enlightened the core & collegiums members present in the conference with various stand / initiatives by AIGETOA team on various fronts and various apprehension raised from members also clarified.

The Election process for new Circle Executive Body of AIGETOA Kerala Chapter was  controlled by Shri Vikas V (Returning Officer) and guided by Shri Senthil Kumar (CHQ Observer).  The collegiums unanimously elected the following Circle office bearers for the next term for AIGETOA Kerala. Click here for Newly Elected Body of Kerala

Glimpses of Circle Conference of AIGETOA Kerala. Click here

The entire Conference was a memorable one and will be cherished by all the participants and its sure that AIGETOA and BSNL recruit unity will be upheld by all the executives across BSNL for betterment of our bread and butter.

5th Circle Conference & Annual General Meet : AIGETOA Kerala

The 5th Circle Conference cum AGM of All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom officers Association - AIGETOA KERALA and election of Circle governing executive body for next term is scheduled to be held on 12th October 2019 at Kannur ( Hotel Blue Nile , S N Park Road ) as per the provisions in the constitution of AIGETOA. Our GS Shri. Wasi Ahmed & AIP Shri. Ravi Shil Verma will be attending the conference. 

All are cordially invited.


Open Session Theme: Empowering BSNL in the New Telecom Era - Role of BSNL Recruits - Challenges and Responsibilities

CHQ Observer : Shri. M Sridhar Babu, JS (S), AIGETOA CHQ
Returning officer :  Shri Vikas V, Member AIGETOA Kerala

A Brief Journey about evolvement of Telecom in India



Postal means of communication was the only mean communication until the year 1850. In 1850 experimental electric telegraph started for first time in India between Calcutta (Kolkata) and Diamond Harbor (southern suburbs of Kolkata, on the banks of the Hooghly River). In 1851, it was opened for the use of the British East India Company. Subsequently, construction of telegraph started throughout India. A separate department was opened to the public in 1854. In early1881, Oriental Telephone Company Limited of England opened telephone exchanges at Calcutta (Kolkata), Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai) and Ahmedabad. On the 28th January 1882, the first formal telephone service was established with a total of 93 subscribers. From the year 1902, India drastically changes from cable telegraph to wireless telegraph, radio telegraph, radio telephone, trunk dialing. The Trunk dialing used in India more than a decade, where the system allowed subscriber to dial calls with operator assistance which moved to digital microwave, optical fibre, satellite earth station.

Since year 1975, Department of Telecom (DoT) was responsible for telecom services in the entire country after separation of Indian Post and Telecommunication. A decade later Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) was chipped out of DoT to run the telecom services of Delhi and Mumbai. In the 1990s the telecom sector was opened up by the Government for private investment. The Government of India corporatized the operations wing of DoT in 2K and renamed Department of Telecom as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). The BSNL came into operation on 01.10.2000 and so every year we celebrate 1st October as BSNL Foundation Day.

With the advent of BSNL, the telecom sector in India witnessed a sea change. With BSNL being in the helm of the affairs in competitive era, the services which were restricted to the exclusive few went to the common man cutting across the barriers of the caste, creed and class. It was BSNL which brought mobile telephony to the hands of common man. It was BSNL, whose entry in the Telecom Market brought revolution in telecom service prices becoming pocket friendly for general public. It was BSNL whose broadband Services made public aware that Internet can run so fast.

Today, yes, no doubt, the policy makers of the country over the years have brought a situation that complete Telecom Market is in distress and most of the companies have vanished from the market, either through closure or merger. But BSNL has stood the test of the times; BSNL has conquered all the difficulties. BSNL has kept its head high despite itself being in the toughest situation of the century, despite it being in one of most hostile environment.

General public perception is that BSNL like a parasite, is thriving on the taxpayers money but the fact is that ever since BSNL came into existence, it had paid government of India more than two lakh crores Rupees against various dues like license fee, spectrum fee, taxes, dividends etc. Till today, BSNL has not taken a single penny help from government and has been sustaining its operations as well as payment to employees through its own income.

Yes, Today BSNL is bleeding and the situation is really gloomy. But we are hopeful, We are Confident, We are Sure – We will Come out of it. Together We will make it. Together We will Win it. For the Country, For the people, For the Poor, For the Deprived, For the needy Ones. We will Win as we are the one who serve the nation at the time of distress, we are the one who serve the nation at the time of calamity, we are the one who stand with the nation at the time of the need, We are the one who keep on walking when the roads are non-visible, We are the one who keep services up and running when all others run and flee.

We, the BSNL Recruits and young executives of BSNL, hereby take a pledge that We Will Not Let BSNL Die, We will not let BSNL starve. We will fight it out. We will pull it out from misery and We will take it back to its Pristine Glory. We Shall Overcome Definitely!


With Best Wishes on this BSNL day




Together We Can, Together We Have, Together We Will

जागो BR जागो

Some Unions & Associations have served notice for protest program on 1st October 2019 wherein they have put forth their certain demands including opposition to the lowering of retirement age to 58. Since AIGETOA and its membership were against holding any protest program on BSNL Foundation day and further the issues contained opposition to lowering of retirement age is against our line, so AIGETOA has decided not to participate in the program.

However, it is sad to note that most important issue pertaining to BSNL Recruits i.e. extending 30 percent Superannuation Benefit (SAB) to BSNL recruited employees did not find a place in the charter of demands but 3rd PRC included in the demands. Ever since AIGETOA was there in AUAB and its activities, SAB issue always found a main place in charter of demands and during discussions. In fact this was the first issue which came to finality during discussions with AUAB during December 2018.

It will be pertinent to mention that both the so called voices of executives i.e. recognised and support association are signatories of the notice, but still they didn't took up the issue of BSNL Recruits in the agenda points. This should be enough to open the eyes of those BSNL Recruits who are still watering the plants of such associations. Questions should also be raised to the main stream BSNL recruit leaders of these associations that why they failed to impress upon their General Secretary to include the BR agenda points in the demands or discussions of these associations. Hence, it wont be exaggeration to state that only AIGETOA can act against the injustice to BSNL Recruits. Rest all others are for cosmetic follow-ups and write ups claiming credit. जागो BR  जागो

Recent exercise of joining hands of the so called recognised and support association for the matter pertaining to the DGM Promotions, Lowering of Retirement Age, CAO promotions, Pay Fixations etc takes us back to April 2017 when membership and leaders of these associations refused to join hands on the crucial issue of lowering of Pay scales of JTO  and SDE grades stating that their members are not ready to work together while AIGETOA forgot all past and participated aggressively and actively in the agitation action program. In fact GS AIGETOA was charge sheeted for participating in these programs. But the same leaders and members do not hesitate now to join hands for their promotion, for their pay, for their pension but issues of BSNL Recruits does not find a merit for them in joining for a decisive struggle.  जागो BR  जागो

Recent update on the so called proclaimed majority association website where they have again been seen crying on the Ernakullam Court case that due to that court case, DGM promotions are stalled. Laughable...Ridiculous...What happened now, How management is agreeing now when contempt is still in action. This is one more chapter in their never ending series of Jokes and lies. An association who have been boasting the chants of struggles, bravery and fighting to the last drop for all these years, has stooped to such a low now that they are taking shelter of a contempt case in CAT to hide their failures. What happened to the bravery? Why they can't fight...what is the compulsion that they are unable to stand even an inch against the wrongs and blaming everything on court cases by BSNL Recruits. We sincerely hope that this timidness, this submission does not have anything to do with the arbitrary JTO to SDE Promotions and arbitrary Post Upgradations in the cadre of AGMs. जागो BR  जागो



The Annual General body meet of AIGETOA Alleppey held on 28.09.2019. Our CFS Sri. Ansal Mohammed CH , ACS Sri. Vipal Prem , DS/DP/DFS of ALP & core members across SSA attended.

District President Sri.Sunil Kumar presided over the function and DS Sri. Subiksh T Surendran and DFS Sri. Shinoj Kumar presented term & finance reports of the term 2016-19.

Various concerns and clarifications sought from members were explained by Circle team.

Returning officer Sri. Vipal Prem handled the election proceedings and
the AGM unanimously elected the following office bearers for the next term.

DP : Sri.Sunilkumar
DS : Sri. Subhiksh T S
DFS :Sri.Shinoj Kumar

DVP : Smt.Anjali
ADS-1 : Sri. Jayaprakash
ADS-2 :Sri. Denny S
ADS -3 :Sri. Joby ADS

Executive Members

1. Sri.Shivaji Naik
2. Sri. Suneer Yousaf
3. Sri. Shinoj V
4.Sri.Ratheesh Ponnappan.

Further the Members, were detailed on AIGETOA efforts / action plan etc on legal front and present status of BSNL and BSNL recruits.
Detailed discussion about the upcoming membership verification and action plan was also mentioned.

AGM of CALICUT SSA on 28-09-2019

The Annual General body meeting of AIGETOA CALICUT held on 28.09.2019 at Paramount tower Calicut. Our CWC Member Sri VK Ramachandran, CP Sri. Maxmilan, ACS Abdul Basith & DS/DP/DFS of Calicut & members across SSA attended.

DS Sri.Sahir k Presided over the function and DP Sri. Samel prasad and DFS Sri. Binoj presented term reports of the existing body.

Returning officer Sri. Abdul Basith handled the election proceedings and
the AGM unanimously elected that following office bearers for the next term.

DP - Sri Noushad Poylil , SDE NQM
DS - Sri Samel prasad JTO BSS
DFS - Sri Binoj CB, SDE Extl Badagara
DVP - Sri Roopesh N JTO Arur

ADS - (1)Sri Lida SDE Marketing
(2) Sri Chandran Sde kattikkulam
(3)Sri Sajith Sde omcr

Executive Members
1. Sri Vipin jto ofc Wayanad
2. Sri Asker JTO bsd
3. Sri Bijeesh SDE NQM
4. Sri Sahir k SDE Mnc
5. Sri Nishana jto En
6.Sri.Jyothish jto AT
7.Sri.Arif Sde mukkam

There were detailed discussions on issues pertain to BSNL and BSNL recruits. Members were detailed on AIGETOA efforts / action plan etc on field issues and present status.
Detailed discussion about the upcoming membership verification and action plan for by membership addition discussed by CP Maxmilan.

New elected body taken oath and after vote of thanks by sri. Noushad, meeting ended at 4.00 pm